Gardening is a broad term that covers a range of services, from simple, physical maintenance tasks such as seasonal leaf clearing, or more technical services such as lawn maintenance, soil aeration or aesthetic edging and pruning. Below is an indicative list of the services we offer:

Planting– ensuring that soil type, planting distributions and seedling care is all accounted for. We can also help you plan a schedule, ensuring that you have the right plants and an even spread of colour at the right times, across all four seasons.
Lawn cutting and edging– Keeping your lawn in check, preventing overgrowing and patching and maintaining the edges to avoid tufting and overgrowth.

Soil aeration – Regularly turning your soil over, ensuring that it is aerated and healthy so that plants always grow well

Weed control – Killing weeds at source to make sure that they don’t spread and suffocate your existing plants, shrubs and vegetables. We use our advanced knowledge of different types of weed and how to keep them at bay.

Pruning – Keeping all types of plant and bush so that they are under control and not over-pruned, which can harm the plants themselves and stunt growth.

Hedge trimming – You will need to have your hedge trimmed professionally if you want it to retain an aesthetically pleasing shape, or if it is particularly thick or tall. We offer one-off or regular trimming services to ensure that your hedge stays healthy.


We have years of experience with constructing garden structures and features that create a varied, aesthetically attractive environment. We have significant structural expertise, allowing us to dramatically alter the look and the layout of your garden. We cover all sizes and types of landscaping job, including:

  • Covered and open walkways
  • Pathing
  • Water features
  • Seating areas
  • Raised beds and decking
  • Walls and fencing
  • Custom-built features
  • Partitioned garden areas

We can also knock down existing walls and safely disassemble structures that require replacing or removing, without harming the surrounding plants and / or trees.

Lawn Care

Lawns need regular feeding, mowing and watering during growing seasons so that they remain healthy and display even growth. We can assist with removing moss from poorly-drained lawns, improving drainage through regular soil manipulation, removal of dead patches with effective scarification and over-seeding and general maintenance for shape, color and overall health.

We can also remove and re-turf large areas of lawn, breathing new life into your garden and ensuring that any areas that were previously turfed are clear of rogue grass or plant roots that may re-sprout in the future.

Soft Scaping

Soft scaping is a focus on the natural, organic ingredients to your garden – that’s soil, plants, grass, colour schemes and, of course, layout. When changing the landscape of your garden, there can be plants and bushes that have rooted deeply and spread out across large areas. We use our skills and equipment to dig them out from the root, without harming adjacent sections of garden, including other plants, structural features or areas of lawn. Improving or overhauling a garden involves ensuring that soil is in good condition and suitable for specific types of plants, preparing ground for planting and designing layouts to meet conditions and colour schemes for maximum effect.

Plant Design

Through our experience and qualifications, we understand the conditions that best suit specific types of plant, and how and where to plant them to give them the best chance of survival. We also focus on cross pollination, complementary colours and plant types, and plant and soil care and advice to ensure minimum weed growth and treatment against disease. We believe in being proactive, not reactive – this is what gives your plants the best chance of thriving.

Patio & Driveway Refurbishment

We can help you with refurbishment of patios and driveways that have issues with weeds, discolouration or cracks and breakages. We can either break up and remove patios and paths or carry out repairs to specific areas, leaving other parts untouched. We ensure that any sublayers are free from weed roots and everything looks new. And we remove any excess rubble or debris, so you don’t have to worry about it.